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23 Mar

Salesman just came to door trying to sell carpet cleaning. Even though I almost certainly have 5 o’clock shadow, he opens with “How are you doing ma’am?” 😀   So I guess this day is not totally fired.

BTW: All wood floors here.


Another first

1 May

So I got propositioned tonight.  Homeless drunk wanted to sleep with me. Oh, he built up to it, but he went there.  That’s another first for me.

Been away for a long time

1 Feb

I know, you thought I didn’t exist any more. I do. I just haven’t felt like blogging in quite a while. There wasn’t really anything I wanted to write about. Well that’s technically not true, but parties involved have asked me to keep the interesting stuff private.

I’m living full-time, socially, as a woman. I’ve been on hormones since July 2011, and all seems to be going well in that area. I still wear a wig since I’m prematurely bald. I’ve got a new lace front human hair wig on order from a wig store down in Houston. I expect to have it later this month. I’m really excited about that!

I moved to a northern suburb in April 2012. I could no longer afford to live alone, and it really wasn’t good for my mental health to be surrounded by all the mementos of my time with Barbara. I gave all of that stuff to my heart-daughter. She promised to just hold it for me against the day I want it back.

I now live with a couple I’ve known for many years, and who accept me unequivocally. We share living expenses, and it’s really working well for me. I still telecommute most of the time, and I’m still not out at work. That is my biggest remaining stressor in my life now.

So, that’s the update from me. I’ll try to find something to share more frequently in the future.

I tried to go out to dinner last night

19 Jan

I got dressed, put on my makeup, and my best short skirt. I figured if I was going to do it, I would dress to impress. Got to within 5 minutes of my destination, and crashed into the back of the car in front of me. No one was injured, but three cars besides mine were bumped. Continue reading

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