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23 Mar

Salesman just came to door trying to sell carpet cleaning. Even though I almost certainly have 5 o’clock shadow, he opens with “How are you doing ma’am?” 😀   So I guess this day is not totally fired.

BTW: All wood floors here.


Another first

1 May

So I got propositioned tonight.  Homeless drunk wanted to sleep with me. Oh, he built up to it, but he went there.  That’s another first for me.

Wow, what a compliment!

2 Jan

Unless you’ve been paying very close attention to my Twitter stream, it has probably escaped your notice that I have been attending Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church for the past several weeks. I’ve been going for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the sense of belonging. It’s nice to feel that I can be myself, fully, and no one is judging me negatively for it. Anyway, on to the compliment. Continue reading

Quite a day

28 Dec

Work slacked off around noon, so I decided to go ahead and get myself the Christmas present I decided on. I wanted a new hairstyle and color. My hair is now more in line with my natural color, though not quite as gray as I am naturally. No, no pictures yet. I’m just too worn out out to take a decent photo. (Believe me, I tried.) I think I like the new look, but it’s taking some getting used to. Continue reading

More about coming out

23 Jun

At dinner Monday night, I came out to two more of my younger friends. I was at dinner after the memorial service for Barbara, and I, Shannon, and Charles were the last three to leave the restaurant. We stayed until well after it closed, and talked until well after 11pm.

As we were leaving, I told them about Janet. They recognized my photo from Facebook, and apparently had not connected the photo to my male persona, Ernie. I think that’s a good thing. It means that I really do look different as Janet than I do as Ernie. So long as I am closeted, that’s good.

Passing in public

23 Jun

A lot is made of the ability to ‘pass’ in public. Today, I went one step further than just passing. I hadn’t actually planned to go out today, but I got up and dressed anyway. It’s important to get dressed every day when you work from home, or working becomes really hard to do. Dressing gets you in the correct mind set. Continue reading

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