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23 Mar

Salesman just came to door trying to sell carpet cleaning. Even though I almost certainly have 5 o’clock shadow, he opens with “How are you doing ma’am?” 😀   So I guess this day is not totally fired.

BTW: All wood floors here.

Inevitable consequences of loss of income

26 Sep

When last I checked in, I had just heard about my salary being dropped to zero. I was left as a very part-time employee of the company that had employed me for the past 11 years. The loss of my income was felt, severely, by the household of which I have been a member for the last 18 months or so. As a refresher, I moved in with my daughter and her husband back in March of 2013, after that bad breakup.

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Not much of interest to report

27 Aug

Well, except that I’m now living in Atlanta. My son-in-law got a new job here in Atlanta. He started in July (on my birthday coincidentally) and we all moved here. If you follow along with me at all, you know that I telecommute. My physical location has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to perform my job, as long as I have reliable internet service. I’ve informed my employer about the move. It’s a non-issue to them. So that’s that. Hello Atlanta, goodbye rural Arkansas. Continue reading

Endings and Beginnings

20 Mar

My time in Texas has ended. That decision was in large part due to another ending. Back in mid February, an intense nine month love affair came to an end. She said she wanted to remain friends, and I did my best to do just that. It didn’t work out. So I left for “parts unknown”.
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