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Traveling While Trans and Disabled

22 Mar

As I’ve mentioned here, I am traveling to Chicago next weekend, to attend the Trans 100 Live Event. This will be my first time flying in a significant number of years. Enough years that both traveling while trans, and traveling disabled are new to me. As I am prone to do, I have been actively researching what to expect at the TSA Checkpoints.

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Various asides

1 Mar
  • Roommate and I decided to take the day off from the gym today. We needed the break. Between residual from Monday’s slip and fall, and getting my butt kicked yesterday by the trainer, I definitely need to let the muscles have a day for just rebuilding.
  • Have to go to the pharmacies today to get my prescriptions refilled. I’m out of one, and will be out of the other two tomorrow.
  • Insomnia is still kicking my ***, but at least the depression is improving. Oh, I haven’t mention the return of my depression here, have I? Yeah, it cam back full force a few weeks ago, and I started St. John’s Wort for it last week. It’s helping a lot.

Tile skating

25 Feb

If you’ve ever been to my current home when it was raining, you probably know that the back patio is extremely slippery when wet. It rained a good bit this morning before I left to go to the gym for my workout. Since my roommate was driving today, and her car was in the garage, we went out the back door headed to the garage. I bet you can see where this is going, can’t you?
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Another milestone under my belt

4 Jan

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Checking In

25 Dec

An online friend (no link, she’s not out to everyone) wrote recently about her journey into womanhood, and the progress she was making. Her post prompted me to reply with my own update. Her post is friends only, so I thought I should share those thoughts here as well, for those (if any) who are following my journey. Continue reading

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