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Traveling While Trans and Disabled

22 Mar

As I’ve mentioned here, I am traveling to Chicago next weekend, to attend the Trans 100 Live Event. This will be my first time flying in a significant number of years. Enough years that both traveling while trans, and traveling disabled are new to me. As I am prone to do, I have been actively researching what to expect at the TSA Checkpoints.

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Quite a day

28 Dec

Work slacked off around noon, so I decided to go ahead and get myself the Christmas present I decided on. I wanted a new hairstyle and color. My hair is now more in line with my natural color, though not quite as gray as I am naturally. No, no pictures yet. I’m just too worn out out to take a decent photo. (Believe me, I tried.) I think I like the new look, but it’s taking some getting used to. Continue reading

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