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23 Mar

Salesman just came to door trying to sell carpet cleaning. Even though I almost certainly have 5 o’clock shadow, he opens with “How are you doing ma’am?” 😀   So I guess this day is not totally fired.

BTW: All wood floors here.



22 Mar

Well, as predicted, the possible third roommate flaked. The good news is that we had a waiting list for space, and we have moved on. A couple have decided to take our remaining room. Looking forward to their arrival the first weekend of April!

Nice surprise in the mail

26 Feb

I got a letter from the IRS yesterday. No really, it was a nice surprise. I’m not being facetious. Continue reading

Yes, I am still around

18 Jan

I know I have been AWOL for a bit. I’ve had some issues with fibromyalgia that have made it a challenge for me to even manage my IADLs. Sleep is still problematic. I’ve slept anywhere from 8 – 10 hours a day, and it’s still at least two hours after I wake before it feels like my head is clear enough to do anything. And of course, pain is a constant companion when I am up and about. I have to admit, I miss Cymbalta’s effect on my pain.

So, yes, I am still here.

Never mind where I got the quote …

13 Jul

Laugh at the rules, let yourself daydream, agree with your imagination, color outside the lines.

Historical posts

28 May

I’m planning on manually transferring a few locked posts from an old Livejournal account to here. They will only be posts that pertain to my transition / self-discovery. I will attempt to back-date them to their original date / time, but honestly I am not sure if that will work correctly or not. So, forewarned.

Update: OK, it worked. Moving this to prior to start of this blog to separate the historical from the current.

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