Update: My living situation

19 Mar

For the past several months, I have made my home in a “shelter” situation. It is a private home, which was managed by a relatively new 501(c)3 in cooperation with the property owner Logan Bruch. There were issues of lack of respect for the privacy of the individuals, autocratic behavior of the staff toward the residents, and just general mistreatment.

Last month, Logan, who is himself a trans* man based in Chicago, found out the extent of the problems with the non-profit board, and terminated his arrangement with them. I and one other resident are still in the home, in a private (low-cost) rental arrangement with him. I am acting as his representative here in Atlanta, and am receiving a break on the rent as a result. He’s titled me his Operations Director. This is no longer legally a non-profit, but the owner is looking only to cover his costs. He’s not looking to make a profit from this situation.

We are actively seeking a third roommate. We thought we had found that person, but she seems to have flaked on us. We’ve heard nothing from her in the past two plus weeks. She was due to move in today. I suppose it could still happen, but I’m not holding my breath.


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