I’m Attending The Trans 100 Live Event!

19 Mar

The Trans 100 Live Event is a big event among trans people. Every year, at the end of March, the community releases a list of the 100 most influential trans* people in the prior year.

The Trans 100 aims to provide an overview of the breadth and diversity of work being done in, by, and for the transgender community across the United States. New editions of The Trans 100 list are released every March at a live event in Chicago, Illinois.

This year, under the auspices of my landlord Logan Bruch, I and my roommate will be attending this event. He’s given us airfare and tickets, and we will be staying with him and his wife. We’re getting a four day vacation in Chicago. This event really is a pretty big deal for the trans* community.

 Who will be there?

The Trans 100 live event is attended by members of the trans community and our allies. The List is read onstage by members of the community, and the event will include:

– Precious Davis (2014 Trans 100 honoree)
Myles Brady

– Laura Jane Grace, musician and founder/headliner of punk rock band Against Me! (2014 Trans 100 honoree)
– Rocco Katastrophe, hip-hop rapper (2014 Trans 100 honoree)
Tona Brown, musician

Keynote Speakers
– Tiq MilanSenior Media Strategist of National News at GLAAD (2014 Trans 100 honoree)
Lana Wachowski, one of the Wachowski Siblings and co-director of films including The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, and more (2014 Trans 100 honoree)

I’m excited to be rubbing elbows with some of the really big celebrity names in the transgender community. Many thanks to Logan Bruch and The Little Green House Atlanta for making this a reality.


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