A good day today!

19 May

I had reason to go to the US Post Office today, to pick up a signature required package. If you’ve never had to do that, here’s a fact you may not know. Besides presenting the “We tried to deliver” notice, you also must present ID indicating you are the person to whom the item is addressed. Care to guess who the package was addressed to?

Now, you may not realize this, but from the “show me your ID” point of view, Janet Logan is a fictitious person. So I was a bit trepadatious about making this particular trip. My ID still has my male name, and all I have that has Janet on it is a letter from my gender therapist explaining my situation.

I arrived at the Post Office in question and rang the bell. The woman who answered took my notification, and asked for my ID, as expected. I first handed her the letter, explaining she needed to read it before she looked at my ID. She read it, looked at my ID, and said “OK. Let me go get your package.” Wow, that was so cool, and so anti-climactic. Got my package, and went on my way.

That’s a good day as a trans woman!


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