Interesting question

14 Mar

Yesterday, I stopped to buy gas, as my tank was low, and it’s a good idea to keep your tank full, even if the price is skyrocketing. I completed my purchase, and was busy recording odometer reading, etc in order to compute MPG. Suddenly, someone knocked on my car window, and startled me greatly.

I turned to see who was wanting my attention at a gas station. To my surprise, it was the attendant. Thinking that perhaps there had been some problem with my credit card, I opened the door to inquire as to the issue. To my great surprise, she looked at me, and asked “How many assholes do you run into in a day?” That caught me more than a bit off-guard, so I replied rather succinctly, “Too many.” As I waited for the punchline to what seemed that it must be a joke, she continued, “I hear you! We sisters have to stick together!”

At that point, I mumbled some sort of agreement, and she turned to return to her little booth. I finished recording my statistical data, all the while pondering the exchange. As I began to leave the station, I realized what must have prompted the attendant to approach me. On the rear window of my (new to me) car, I had recently placed an “EQTX” sticker from Equality Texas. That sticker was in the direct line of sight of the attendant’s booth.

If you are in Texas, and you don’t know about Equality Texas, I encourage you to visit their website and support their work any way you can. Even a simple window sticker can make a big difference! Thanks.


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