Another step scheduled

7 Jan

I made an appointment today to visit Legacy Community Health to hopefully begin my HRT. The earliest appointment available was just over two weeks out. That actually fits my financial situation pretty well, as my rent takes most of the income for the first two weeks, and the check I get on the 15th has the room, I hope, to pay for the hormones. I know they are fairly expensive when you buy them out of pocket, so I will still have to see how that goes. The first doctor visit will be $80, and each follow up visit will be $50. I’m hoping the follow ups are no more frequent than monthly. Hey, food is overrated, right?

Speaking of which, I had to buy a belt today because my size 16 Gap denim skirt kept sliding down my hips. I had been able to wriggle in and out of that skirt without unbuttoning it, but it was tight. Today, I was having to hold onto it to keep it on! I thought I was just imagining that the figure in the mirror was developing an hour glass shape, but maybe not. I know the male jeans I wore nine months ago fall off of me now. My Weight Watchers’ scale says I weigh about 200, at 6′, with body fat between 25 and 31%. The different BF numbers are based on whether I tell the scale I am a man or a woman. Both numbers are at the top of the acceptable range. I am hoping to get down to about 180 over the next few months. Of course, the hormones are going to impact that in ways I cannot yet predict, so we shall see.


2 Responses to “Another step scheduled”

  1. Joy January 7, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    170 is the top of female and the bottom of male, I know because that’s my target weight. Congrats on the weight loss.

    • Janet Logan January 13, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

      Thanks. Now if I can only keep it off. Psych wants me on Lyrica for the fibro. Big risk of weight gain there. And I am fighting the cold weather tendency to pack on the subcutaneous fat, of course.

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