Wow, what a compliment!

2 Jan

Unless you’ve been paying very close attention to my Twitter stream, it has probably escaped your notice that I have been attending Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church for the past several weeks. I’ve been going for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the sense of belonging. It’s nice to feel that I can be myself, fully, and no one is judging me negatively for it. Anyway, on to the compliment.

Jamie Lee Curtis

After church, as we were standing in the pews waiting for the crowd to thin a bit, this woman in the pew behind me went out of her way to speak to me. She told me she had had a nagging feeling for several weeks now that I reminded her of someone. She told me that she had finally realized who it was. I reminded her of Jamie Lee Curtis. I was blown away!

Now I am just a few months older than Ms. Curtis, and in my opinion, nowhere near as attractive. But this (quite a bit younger) woman saw a strong resemblance. Who am I to argue with such a compliment? I thanked her, stammering a bit, I think. I just couldn’t believe it. I remember saying that I was very pleased by that, and that Ms. Curtis was a favorite actress of mine. Wow. Just wow. I really don’t know what else to say, but I had to share it.

I have to admit, I think she was absolutely incredible, and incredibly sexy, in True Lies. That strip-tease scene in the hotel room? Demi Moore only wishes she was half as good a stripper. And yes, Demi was a great stripper. Yes, I know. What can I say? I am a discriminating lesbian. 😀


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