Night out: Social at the TG Center

20 Dec

I went out to the TG Center tonight, for what I thought was going to be my first meeting of Helping TransGenders Anonymous. I failed to take into account the holiday season though. [Honestly, I’ve been pretending this Christmas doesn’t exist. Things are just easier that way.] But back to my story. When I got there, it seemed pretty clear that something was not as expected. There was a good deal of food in the kitchen, along the lines of a potluck. People were milling about in what was essentially a cocktail party style of behavior. Christmas music was playing from a boom-box.

I really don’t know anyone at the Center yet, so I just sat quietly, listened, and observed. Soon I had heard enough to confirm that it was indeed a Christmas social, and that the regular meeting would not be happening tonight. Of course, and me with nothing to contribute to the potluck. That was a bit embarrassing, but I got over it. After all, I didn’t know.

I did strike up a conversation with a couple of people soon enough. They were kind, and indulged me when I told them how I came to be at the Center so late in life. When I told one of them how old I was, they both reacted in complete disbelief. I finally had to pull out my ID to convince them that I was telling the truth. One (30-year-old young man) even went so far as to say that he still didn’t believe I was over 34 at the most. I must be carrying fake ID.

I responded “Now why in the world would any girl carry ID that makes her almost a senior citizen if it wasn’t true?” To that he responded “Maybe to get SSI, retirement, or something?” “Do you realize how little SSI / retirement is worth? No way would I pretend to be this old for that measly sum.”

Honestly, the incident just made my night. I loved it. And I am going to continue to tell myself he was serious. Hey, even if he was just trying to cheer me up, it worked, so I may as well let him have his fun, right? I didn’t stay much longer after that. My vertigo was starting back, and I knew I needed to get home before I was unable to do so.

Still, I had as good a time as could be expected. Better really, because I thought I was going to a group therapy session, and instead it turned out to be just a social gathering of other people like me.


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