Passing in public

23 Jun

A lot is made of the ability to ‘pass’ in public. Today, I went one step further than just passing. I hadn’t actually planned to go out today, but I got up and dressed anyway. It’s important to get dressed every day when you work from home, or working becomes really hard to do. Dressing gets you in the correct mind set.

So, I got dressed. Jesse was planning on dropping her car at the mechanic’s this morning, and I assumed she was already gone by the time I got up. Soon I discovered she was not, and had overslept. Since she was still home, I offered to drive with her and bring her home while they did their thing. This was the same mechanic Ernie has used for several years.

Trip to drop off the car was uneventful. Went there, she dropped off her car, we came home. I got to work, and around lunch time, she told me her car was ready for pickup. So I drove her back to the mechanic’s shop. She went in, paid, and they brought her car around for her. Immediately after the manager of the shop (it’s a chain) gave Jesse her keys, he surprised me by coming over to the driver’s side of my car.

He had recognized the car, and I assume wanted to say something to Ernie about the recent sadness we’ve dealt with. Well, I rolled down the heavily tinted window, and he was momentarily taken aback. He then said, “I’m sorry, I assumed Ernie would be in the car.” I proceeded to introduce myself as Janet, a friend of Ernie’s who was helping the family. Yeah, I know, a little white lie. I’m not ready to fully out myself with casual acquaintances.

The thing is, he clearly believed I was a different person, and a female. This is someone I have seen at least a half dozen times in the last year. Yeah, cars and I have a ‘troubled’ relationship. I’m sure the dark sunglasses helped, but still, I liked the fact that I ‘passed’ and then some.

When we got home, Jesse started to apologize, as she didn’t realize I had pulled it off. I told her not to worry, she couldn’t control his actions, and he believed I was who I said I was, so it was cool.

What can I say? I’m a little vain, and wanted to share.


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