Oh The Price We Pay For Beauty

3 Jun

I have tried so many different methods of hair removal. I hate body hair, and I have way too much of it. I have shaved, waxed, used chemicals, and plucked. The hair I hate the most is that which is on the arms and legs. Let’s face it, other than facial hair, it’s the most noticeable, and we can’t cover our arms and legs with makeup.

Typical epilator

Just recently, I started using a new method for controlling the hair on my extremities. About two weeks ago, I went out on a limb and bought an epilator. I like the results a lot, but it’s not the most pleasant thing I have ever done. Supposedly, the discomfort will be reduced over time, and the hair will tend to grow back more slowly and finer. Only time will tell. As it does though, expect me to tell you.


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