Out and about, or “I did it!”

29 Apr

B and Jesse took me out shopping last night. We started out at Willowbrook Mall. We didn’t buy anything other than some sugar wax from The Body Shop, but we had a lot of fun browsing Lane Bryant, and Macy’s shoe department. Macy’s had some of the most kick-a** heels on clearance. B found several pair she absolutely loved. Of course, even at clearance prices, we really couldn’t afford them. B dared me to try on this one pair of bright red 4 1/2″ heels (yes, they had shoes in my size), expecting me to have trouble in them. I looked like I had worn them my whole life. 🙂

We had dinner at Sakura Japanese in the Food Court, and then left the mall (it closed at 9pm) and went looking for a Starbuck’s to get frappucinos and lemonade tea. We ended up at the Barnes and Nobles near home, and went in around 9:30 pm, thinking they would be open until 11. We had just ordered and settled down when they announced that they would be closing in 15 minutes. They had shortened the store hours because of the economic downturn. We still hung out and were chatting about various things (the baby mammoth, Lucy, Lucy’s baby, etc) until they announced the store was closed.

As we were leaving, one of the other patrons of the Starbuck’s approached us, and said she had overheard us talking about “Lucy’s baby”. She wanted to know more about it, as she hadn’t heard of it before. We exchanged introductions (Yes, I introduced myself as Janet.) She admitted, rather carefully, that she and her husband were “two of the very few Christians these days who believe in evolution.” She was a vet and her husband a geologist, she told us. We continued talking for a few more minutes, and even continued outside in the parking lot. My transgender status never came up. She addressed me as Janet, and we talked just like I wasn’t a freak :). It was a very positive experience, especially for me.

The entire evening everyone treated me as the female I was presenting. According to Jesse and B, there was one clerk in Lane Bryant that seemed to be having a problem with me, but I didn’t notice it personally. The one clerk who did approach us was friendly and helpful. I reminded B when she told me about it that retail clerks are generally commissioned, and if that one didn’t want our business, I had no problem with that. I’d simply take my money where I was welcome. After all, both B and I are likely to shop in plus size stores for the foreseeable future, and the one clerk who was helpful clearly saw that. Oh, and in Macy’s, we were approached by at least 4 clerks while shopping shoes, and not one of them had any problem with me.

I have no illusions about “passing” as a GG (Genetic Girl). I know better than that. But I was comfortable, happy, and really enjoyed the evening. I was more comfortable in my own skin than I have been for longer than I can remember. And I have to call that a win.


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