Covid-19, Vaccines, and Masks

27 Jul

While I have no official test results to confirm, it is highly likely that I had a mild case of Covid last week. I’ve been fully vaccinated (two doses of Pfizer) since 3-June. I didn’t require hospitalization, though at one point, I did consider calling an ambulance.

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Paganism and Gender Roles

2 Jun

A while back, I mused about gender roles in Paganism as part of another post.

[…] I do believe that this tendency to see deity and it’s representatives as so binary is an opportunity for that community to broaden it’s collective culture, and to become much more accepting.

That’s a topic on which I need to spend more time ruminating, and not really the point of this post. […]

Today I ran across a post on that very topic on Patheos that addresses my thoughts in a very coherent manner, while also expanding on it significantly. So I’m going to direct you, my reader, to that piece by River Enodian. It was written several years ago, but it still very relevant to my viewpoint.

You can find it here.

Another ER visit

13 Apr

To start with, I’m fine. I went on Monday 12-April, and ended up spending the entire day getting checked out. I checked in at 11:45am. It was about 6:00 pm when I was released.

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Out and About

17 Mar

I ventured out to dinner last night with a couple of friends. Had a great time. And introduced one friend to the wonder that is crab legs. King and snow.

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Sore equal more?

12 Mar

Sore = more, right? I’ve noticed some breast tenderness over the last couple of weeks, and I have been hesitant to say anything. I didn’t want to jinx it. So, here’s a new photo taken today.

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Follow-up with Neurologist

11 Mar

Mostly uneventful. Discussed the side effects I’ve been experiencing from Keppra. He offered a few alternative choices. I’m to review them and their potential side effects. If I decide to change, I can let him know and we’ll go forward from there. I’ll probably do that over the weekend.

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EMS Bill

23 Feb

Over the weekend, I received the bill from the EMS company for my ambulance trip to the emergency room in October. It’s $1916.80. The trip was 4 miles, according to that bill. They charge $30.70 per mile for the actual transport. The rest, $1794, was for “ER Assessment”, whatever that is. I mean, sure, the EMT did check me out at the scene, for like 10 minutes. Is almost $1800 a fair price to pay for that?

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MRI of my brain

9 Feb

I had two appointments scheduled for yesterday. The second of those was for an MRI of my brain, looking for abnormalities that might explain my recent development of a seizure disorder. Bottom line: No abnormalities. No tumors, lesions, or evidence of prior stroke.

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Gender Center appointment

9 Feb

I had two appointments scheduled for yesterday. The first of those was an initial consult with a doctor in the Grady Hospital Gender Center. Basically, he’s a specialist in transgender internal medicine.

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Today’s appointments

8 Feb

I’ll write more later. For now, the MRI found no structural abnormality. This is good news. No tumors, lesions, etc.

Additionally, I like the new Gender Specialist doctor. I can work with him.

So all in all, good outcomes.

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